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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Memail to book my vacation?

Because we are a registered travel expert who understand everything associated with planning and booking the perfect trip for you and your family and friends. We can advise you on places to visit as well as how much you need to spend and how long you will spend there. The most important reason is peace of mind.

Our travel experts will take care of you from the first call to the moment you are back home. We take care of everything from booking your flight and hotels to planning your itinerary and arranging for transportation.

Do I need travel insurance?

YES. It’s important to protect your trip investments and loved ones. We will however offer you the best option for your vacation.

Does it cost money to get a quote?

No. It doesn’t cost money to get a quote from Memail. Kindly give us a call or send an email and one of our staff will be happy to provide you with a free quote for your trip. We look forward to helping you plan for a perfect vacation.

Where can I find my itinerary once my trip is booked?

Your itinerary as booked by the company will be on our website with your specific reservation code as the log in.

You will also be able to retrieve your information on our unique client site, many of which offer a wealth of information to help you prepare for the trip ahead.

Can you work within a certain budget?


We can work within any and all realistic budgets and an honest sharing of ideas and goals to help us immensely when making recommendations and suggested edits to travel plans.

What is the process for the flight ticket issuance?

After a successful booking and payment with the company, we will be sending you an email with a link to form where you will fill out the necessary information for the issuance of your flight ticket.

Afterwards we will verify the information with you to double check and once confirmed on your end, we will be issuing the tickets within 24-48 hours. We will be sending you the E-tickets through your email.

We highly suggest for guests to fill out the flight E-ticket form that will be sent through their email within 24 hours to secure the flight ticket.

Failure to do this might result in a fare difference and penalties.

What do you consider as a group in terms of numbers?

A minimum of 10 is considered a group.

Anytime you travel with a group of more than 10 people, you are considered a group by many travel organizations.

Babies who turn 2 years old during the flight will be required to occupy their own seats and will be charged child fares and sometimes adult fares since they occupy seats.

NOTE: East Africa tourist visa, there is no fee for visas for children under 16 years.

Persons with disability. (PWD), Can the company help me arrange my trip?


We have a PWD travel expert .We will work with you to select the most appropriate accommodation and transportation choices for your needs.

What are some vacation tips for the disabled?

● Plan ahead.

● Stay in the most accessible areas of your destination.

● Discuss your trip with your doctor.

● Consider a specialized tour or hire a guide.

● If you are renting a vehicle, make sure it suits your needs.

● Bring extra medications.

● Don’t stay home. There is too much to see and experience!

How can this FAQ be improved?

Please note that this information is used only to improve our FAQ content and is not sent to our customer service team.

Airport Information


Airport Information

If you’re travelling to another country, you may be asked by your airline to provide your passenger information beforehand. This is a separate requirement to getting a travel authority or a visa. In most cases you can provide your details online. Find out what you need to do before travelling.

  • ● Your airline will let you know what they need from you. Usually, they will ask you to provide these details when you book your flight or check in.
  • ● Your information will be taken either at the time of booking or by an automated passport reader during check-in
  • ● contact your airline before you travel – ideally at the time of booking

Airport Terminals

An airport terminal is a building within an airport where passengers go to depart on a flight, or the building at which they arrive upon landing. Listen to Automatic terminal information service, or ATIS when at the airport, is a continuous broadcast of recorded aeronautical information in busier terminal areas, i.e. airports and their immediate surroundings.

Passports & Visas


Passports & Visas

You need to have a valid passport to study at all of our destinations. For most of them, your passport has to be valid for a minimum of 6 months after the end of your semester abroad. If you notice that your passport doesn’t have enough validity, make sure to renew your passport well in advance. Depending on your home country, getting a new passport can take up to 6 weeks. If you’re short on time, you can get your passport quicker by using a more express service, where available. This service is usually more costly.

These pages contain only general guidelines if you haven’t applied for a visa before. When applying for a visa, please first contact your local embassy of the country you’re heading to. They’ll provide you more up-to-date information about the application procedure. Check the embassy opening hours. Embassies are open according to the public and religious holidays of the country they represent and the holidays of the country they are located in. Please note that visa procedures vary from country to country. Take care of all visa-related issues before departure, and update the visa at the destination if needed and once you’re familiar with the procedure.

Custom & Immigration

When you enter a different country from which your flight departed you will have to go through the Immigration process. Each country will have its own agency that administers this inspection process. For the vast majority of passengers, the immigration process only takes a few minutes, though lines to take your turn can get long if many international flights arrive around the same time. Upon arrival at airport, go through the immigration and passport control area of the airport.

Airport Check-In


Airport Check-In

Checking in is the process whereby a person communicates with the airline that they intend to travel as planned. The check-in process enables passengers to confirm they will be on the respective flight, obtain a boarding pass, possibly select their seat (if hasn’t happened already or allowed by airline), and check-in luggage onto a plane, if desired. This can be done in person at the in-airport check-in counter.

Website Check-In

Passengers can usually check-in online starting 24 before departure. Passengers will need to submit luggage to a staffed counter or checked luggage stations if checking luggage at the airport. Print boarding pass at home or obtain boarding pass electronically (can also wait to reprint at self-service kiosk at the airport).

Boarding Pass

A boarding pass is a document provided by an airline during check-in, giving a passenger permission to board the airplane for a particular flight. At a minimum, it identifies the passenger, the flight number, and the date and scheduled time for departure. Boarding Passes are always required to board a flight.

Booking of Baggage


Booking of Baggage

Enjoy one of the most generous baggage allowances in the world. Your free baggage allowance is based on either the total amount of weight or on how many pieces of luggage you have. This is called the weight or piece concept. The weight concept applies to most routes. The piece concept applies only on flights to and from. Your allowance depends on where you’re travelling, your fare, and your travel class.

Max Free Baggage

Your allowance is based on the total weight of all your baggage. You can check in as many bags as you like up to the weight allowance for your travel class. Each individual bag must not weigh more than 32kg. The weight concept applies to all routes. Free baggage allowance varies depend on your ticket class and airline, also there is rule for items you can put in the baggage. check with yout airline before travel.

Travel Insurance Policy


Travel Insurance Policy

Travel insurance is a plan you purchase that protects you from certain financial risks and losses that can occur while traveling. These losses can be minor, like a delayed suitcase, or significant, like a last-minute trip cancellation or a medical emergency overseas. In addition to financial protection, the other huge benefit of travel insurance is access to assistance services, wherever you are in the world.

How it work

  • ● Vacation Plans: also called Package Plans, Travel Insurance, Trip Cancellation Insurance, or Trip Insurance. This plan provides the most coverage in a single package, including cancellations, medical emergencies, evacuations, loss or delays, luggage, assistance, and more.
  • ● Travel Medical Plans: Travel medical plans are for travelers leaving their home country who are not concerned with cancellation. This type of plan focuses on medical emergencies, evacuation, and sometimes life insurance. A travel medical insurance plan are perfect if you are traveling outside your home country and are not concerned with cancellation, interruption, delays, and baggage.